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UFC 146 conference for Santos vs Mir main event fight

UFC 146 LIVE STREAM: UFC 146 LIVE STREAM FREE, UFC 146 LIVE , UFC 146 Ufc (UFC) holds a media business call today (March 27, 2012) prior to UFC 146 that will occur on May 26, 2012, in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas, Nevada.UFC 146 LIVE STREAM: UFC 146 LIVE STREAM FREE, UFC 146 LIVE , UFC 146

The business call will start at 1:00 p.m. ET. Scheduled to go to would be the headlining martial artists for that evening: Junior dos Santos, Frank Mir, Cain Velasquez and Antonio Silva. UFC 146 LIVE STREAM: UFC 146 LIVE STREAM FREE, UFC 146 LIVE , UFC 146

Dos Santos may be the current UFC heavyweight champion, getting gone a remarkable 8- within the Octagon. He taken the title from Cain Velasquez in the inaugural UFC on FOX event last November and it is searching to protect his belt the very first time. His opponent, Frank Mir may be the former UFC heavyweight champion. He walked up instead of Alistair Overeem, who examined for elevated amounts of testosterone and was refused his license after getting rid of themself in the title bout.

Velasquez may be the former UFC heavyweight champion. He experienced a shoulder injuries after initially winning the title in October of 2010 and was presented with his lone loss by dos Santos throughout his first title defense. Now healthy, he's wishing to earn his title back having a victory within the co-primary event.

Antonio Silva is really a former EliteXC heavyweight champion. His stock rose to absurd levels after his second round TKO victory against Fedor Emelianenko within the quarterfinals from the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, although he was cut back to Earth by Daniel Cormier via knockout within the semifinals. If he is able to beat the previous champion, he'll be back on the top, otherwise greater.

We'll have the updates in the UFC 146 business call following the jump:


John Hemminger here. The press conference is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.

1:12 p.m. - Call still has not began. Should be focusing on Brazilian time again.

1:13 p.m. - I jinxed it. We are beginning.

Frank Mir: When you use because the underdog, it requires more pressure than normal off shoulders. If not a great deal is anticipated individuals, you are able to focus on the task at hands.

Antonio Silva: Situations are going very well. The very first time I am 270 pounds three days prior to the fight. Personally i think extremely fast and lightweight and I have been dealing with Mike Dolce.

Ant Evans: There is no tries to give a non-heavyweight fight after some of the injuries with Overeem shedding out.

Cain Velasquez: With this particular fight camping, things i did most at the start was required time getting in a fitness center. As days continued, I acquired the interest rate of coaching and attempted to not hurry working out and obtain hurt or anything like this. I felt as with the lengthy training camping I'd, I received my shit together again and my cardio.

Cain Velasquez: Fighting somebody like Dos Santos, that type of stuff happens. You need to grow from them and move onto the next fights.

Cain Velasquez: Bigfoot is really a large guy, provides extensive energy, and he's good everywhere. He's good on the floor, as well as on the ft.

Frank Mir: Nobody loves to hear anything negative stated about the subject. I've no difficulties with him selling your dream and stir the pot. Dos Santos has been doing better fighting within the Octagon as selling your dream but that is a factor he's getting good effective with.

Frank Mir: I believe many people really go to town the way i fought against one guy plus they did not understand that who well sometimes come lower to create. With my style, I have done better against those who have striking or submission games. I have had more difficulty coping with wrestling and top control men compared to submission men.

Junior dos Santos: I do not promote fights by speaking trash. Personally i think that Frank Mir lacks heart and should not cope with rough spots inside a fight. i do not say things simply to sell fights. If I only say something, it is because that is what In my opinion.

Antonio Silva: I am a a part of Team Nogueira from Rio p Janeiro and American Top Team assisted me by getting in large wrestlers from Holland and it is made things simpler here and so i needn't be from my loved ones throughout the camping.

Antonio Silva: You simply lose if you achieve up in to the ring and fight. I most likely won't be watching the Heavyweight Grand Prix finals because I am concentrating on Cain Velasquez but I'm going to be rooting for Daniel Cormier.

Antonio Silva: I faced a trio of competitors in Strikeforce, Werdum, Fedor and Arlovski and today I recieve to battle men like Cain Velasquez. They are all great martial artists. I believe within the UFC at this time, best wishes martial artists on the planet have been in my category.

Junior dos Santos: I needed to create a couple of changes during my training camping such as the people I introduced into spar. They're completely different martial artists. Overeem is appropriate handed and keeps it standing while Mir remains handed and could go down. Both are great martial artists and I'm going to be ready.

Cain Velasquez: I've not transformed anything because the loss to Junior dos Santos.

Junior dos Santos: I wish to also have an approach to go all five models. You do not walk in thinking you'll finish your dream immediately. I hit him so difficult and that i was surprised, it required us a second to swarm him since i was surprised. Seeing as soon as and being prepared to take advantage of as soon as, that is what matters.

Frank Mir: Cain Velasquez is much more of the multi-faceted threat. He is able to lull you right into a striking match and get you lower or he is able to punch you hard if you are concerned about the takedown. With Dos Santos, he essentially focuses on his best resource that is boxing but it is difficult to argue, whether it ain't broke, don't repair it.

Frank Mir: Following the Nogueira fight I'd a share of e-mails which i needed to translate with google translate that were not very flattering. It had not been before the gaming release where I had been designed to play Junior dos Santos which i recognized the Brazilian fans really resented me plus they put pressure on him to not face me.

Junior dos Santos: Minotauro isn't the sole supply of information. Clearly I've my trainers and watching Frank Mir's fights and planning myself for the reason that way.

Frank Mir: I'm going to be nearer to 255 with this fight. What trained us a lesson was Cain. I viewed Cain Velasquez toss Brock Lesnar around just like a rag toy and that i recognized that although Brock Lesnar could most likely beat Cain within the exercise, there's more into it than simply being strong. I well developed lower my weight lifting and it is more vitamins compared to mainstay of my workout.

Cain Velasquez: The most crucial was getting my body system 100 % after which going onto have a fight. Basically needed time to obtain that going, which was more essential than returning right into a fight immediately. I believe generate income did that now was ideal for me.

Cain Velasquez: I am certainly in a position to ignore it. In wrestling, I have lost matches before etc and it is always a factor in which you study from it watching film however, you don't always consider it. You need to move ahead. I wasn't thinking I would go my whole career undefeated. He was better tomorrow and that is all it's.

Antonio Silva: It is a dream become a reality. It is a dream that any athlete within our sport really wants to live and everyone can be certain around the 26th of May which i can give out an excellent fight. I am very relaxed and incredibly ready. It is a great chance the UFC is giving me in my first fight within the UFC against among the tops on the planet. I am very comfortable.

Antonio Silva: Cain Velasquez is really a lighter and far faster fighter and that i attempted in the future in a bit lighter. I desired to improve my speed to counter his lightness.

Cain Velasquez: Silva's a difficult guy. He's had some good fights with top level rivals and he's perfectly-rounded. He certainly warrants a go up here. I believe he's among the best heavyweights available.

Frank Mir: It's not necessary to be worried about the load class being divided up among promotions. There have been occasions before where it had been really stacked but I'm sure the heavyweight division is really as deep since it's have you been.

Cain Velasquez: Daniel Cormier explained by what it had been like as he was at there but that fight am fast and not long ago so we are expecting a totally different fighter.

Antonio Silva: The actual problem was that Overeem found the Blackzilian camping and to begin with he would fight Junior dos Santos who is a great friend. Also, around finding yourself in exactly the same division, i was on the collision course which was uncomfortable in my experience. With American top team they'd nice strikers and wrestlers.

Junior dos Santos: When Minotauro lost to Frank Mir, I had been very upset and every one of South america was upset to determine that loss but what inspires me would be to defend my belt. I am inside a good phase of my existence and my only motivation during my existence would be to defend my title. Revenge does not mix my thoughts and does not do me any favors in assisting me win.

Frank Mir: Initially when i first learned about the end result from the drug test, I understood I had been likely the very first part of line to leap up. I really began practicing a five round fight after i registered to battle Velasquez because his most harmful skill is his motor. You saw that within the Cheick Kongo fight where he got hurt around the ft and could grind through. I understood if something would occur to the primary event, I had been likely likely to part of to exchange the primary event fighter or maybe your dream got scrapped, I'd be facing Cain inside a five round fight rather and so i needed to prepare yourself.

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