Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UFC 146 LIVE STREAM: Cain Velasquez watching UFC 146's Junior dos Santos vs. Frank Mir bout


Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez - together with every fighter around the UFC 146 card - has needed to cope with a general change in competitors in the center of training camping with this Saturday's event. In Velasquez's situation, he went from the No. 1 contender combat Frank Mir to some bout against Strikeforce import Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva when Mir was drawn in to the primary event title fight.
Mir is on the three fight winning streak within the UFC, and Silva's last bout would be a TKO loss to Velasquez's wrestling coach and Also known as teammate Daniel Cormier. However, Velasquez is dealing with this fight identical to the Mir fight, and even sees so that it is just like harmful a battle for him.

"Though I have gone from Mir to Silva, I truly aren't seeing any type of drop lower in challenge or threat," Velasquez authored inside a blog for FoxSports.com late a week ago. "Silva is evenly as harmful as Mir could have been, although diversely. Mir is clearly well-known for his submission game, whereas Silva may be the kind of guy who's solid everywhere. He is not efficient at anyone factor, but is nice at everything. He is able to cause issues in the stand-up as well as can put men in danger on the floor. You cannot take him gently wherever your dream might have to go.InchUFC 146 LIVE STREAM: UFC 146 LIVE STREAM FREE, UFC 146 LIVE , UFC 146

Indeed, Velasquez thinks the transition in competitors is going to be much harder for Mir, despite what he's stated lately. He feels Mir will need to make more changes in the formulations, despite the fact that he sees ways Mir can defeat dos Santos, also, he knows it will not be always easy.UFC 146 LIVE STREAM: UFC 146 LIVE STREAM FREE, UFC 146 LIVE , UFC 146

"Within their fight, Dos Santos includes a obvious edge when they both remain on their ft and strike, but Mir includes a large edge on the floor," Velasquez stated. "The end result will rely on who are able to initiate the experience and dictate in which the fight eventually ends up. If Mir can drag dos Santos down, he or she is set for a night. If he's not able to, maybe it's a lengthy or painful one for him."

"Although In my opinion Mir can beat Dos Santos on the floor, I truly find it difficult to observe how he will get him lower there to operate his miracle. 'JDS' is really a large, strong guy with excellent takedown defense and Mir is not a man noted for shooting along with large takedowns. It may be hard for him."

Still, it does not matter to Velasquez the way the fight plays out. His goal is straightforward in either case: beat "Bigfoot," then challenge whoever arrives of the Title fight the victor.

"All I know is that this: Regardless of who wins the primary event on May 26, I'm going to be watching intently, keen to challenge him at some stage in 2012," he stated. "After I get Silva taken care of, I have only eyes for your title belt. I want it in my existence."

Penick's Analysis: A conquer Silva will probably vault Velasquez back right into a title fight, although the situation will not function as the same when the opposite happens. Velasquez want an opportunity to avenge his only career loss, and when Mir does accomplish the upset than he'll obtain the fight he was expecting about this event. He's also not off on his assessment from the game between JDS and Mir. Save to begin with: we've not seen dos Santos' ground game, therefore it is difficult to state that Mir includes a "large edge" when dos Santos does still hold a brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu underneath the Nogueiras. The correct answer is possible dos Santos is wholly able to holding their own on the floor, but that is something we will not know until we have seen it. Regardless, waiting in front from the Champion will be a bad idea for Mir, and we'll find out if he's anything up his sleeve to transform it into a ground fight.

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